The Future Project is a growing national community of young people building the life and world they imagine.

We inspire, equip, and connect people to discover their power and use it to build a better future.

Our Programs


Since 2011, our Dream Directors have partnered with students, teachers, and administrators across the country to turn their high schools into inspiring places that ignite the passion, purpose, and full potential of everyone inside them.


Starting in Fall 2018, we will team up with communities across the country to deliver a transformational three-day experience designed to activate purpose and agency in young people at the start of their changemaking journey.

Meaningful Impact



young people reached across the country.


of alumni surveyed say the Future Project has made a profound and lasting impact on their lives.


of Future Project students show growth in critical mindsets and skills correlated with long-term thriving, according to nationally validated scales.


Igniting the potential in schools nationwide.

We partner with high schools and embed full-time Dream Directors—transformational coaches, organizers, and culture creators trained in our rigorous methodology—who support hundreds of young people in bringing their dreams for self, schools, and society to life.


Activating young people to build a better future.

Through an intensive, three-day experience—delivered in partnership with schools and youth-serving organizations across the country—young people learn to explore their purpose, make meaningful choices, and take action in their communities.

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What We Stand For

We stand for the possibility
of freedom for all people.

We stand for the possibility of freedom for all people. Which means we must stand unequivocally against racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia, religious intolerance, ableism, white supremacy, and any other factors that oppress it. We stand in solidarity with every person—in our community and in the world—experiencing and fighting against these complex and intersectional systems, especially the thousands of young people who had nothing to do with creating

them but are leading the way in dismantling them nonetheless. We also stand with the people living most at the margins of our society: young people without shelter, without parents or guardians, without citizenship, those living with intellectual or physical disabilities, those in the juvenile justice system. We imagine a future that respects the dignity, humanity, and unique potential of all people. And we are proud to join every person and organization committed to that vision.

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