We are a team that believes anything is possible.

In 2011, a passionate group of dreamers and builders
came together to launch The Future Project.

We were, and still are, united by a core belief: that the future is not fixed—and that people, working together, can shape it for the better. We also believe that all people have something unique to contribute to that effort. So we made it our mission to support people—starting with young people—in discovering and activating their power to make change.

Since those early days, our tribe has grown into a passionate national community. We have worked with thousands of young people, recruited an extraordinary community of donors and advisors—and become one of the fastest growing non-profits in the country. We are proud of of what we, and especially our students, have built in this first phase. And we cannot wait for what’s next.

Key Facts

Team Members Across the Country


Dedicated board members and advisors


The Future Project is ranked in the 98th percentile in terms of engagement

Our Current Cities
  • New York City, NY
  • Washington, DC
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Newark,NJ
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Detroit, MI
  • New Haven, CT
  • Norwalk, CT
  • Naugatuk, CT
  • Chicago, IL
  • East Orange, NJ
  • Baltimore, MD
  • Miami, FL
  • Kansas City, MO
  • Atlanta, GA
  • Emmetsburg, IA
  • Dallas, TX
  • Albuquerque, NM
  • Los Angeles, CA

Want to See Us In More Cities?

Team Members

Our team is fueled by three core values: passion, which inspires us to live fully and do what lights us up most; belief, which inspires us to choose optimism and use our conviction to pursue audacious possibilities; and courage, which inspires us to do what’s right even when it is not easy. Plus, we love having fun!

Kanya Balakrisna
Co-Founder, CEO
Andrew Mangino
Brendan Cullen
Managing Director
Jackie Hollier-Jackson
Future Project 2015 Alum
Student, University of Michigan–Dearborn
Maria Vecchiotti

Meet our junior inventors

Aicha Toure, Marlon Rajan, Luke Reid, Ricardo Mahon, Mahki Clemons, Alexandrya Roberson, Alou Ndiaye, Jacob Resnick, Michael Collins, Anjali Balakrishna, Olivia Stewart, Nigeria Segure-Watson

Kanya Balakrishna
Co-Founder, CEO
Kathleen Barquin
Executive Assistant
Andrew Mangino
Co-Founder, President
Nadeen Alaouie
Dream Director
Voncia Barno Monchais
Program Experience
Kayla Mason
Community Growth
Gemar Mills
Chief Education Officer
Kishshana Palmer
Chief Growth Officer
Leah Barterian
Dream Director
Becca Block
Continuous Improvement
Eden Sapir
Justice Hatterson
People & Operations
Aly Fox
Managing Director
Frank Brady
Dream Director
Connecticut (New Haven)
Larnell Vickers
Director, Talent Acquisition
Talent Acquisition
Aly Fox
Managing Director
Kishshana Palmer
Chief Growth Officer
Chris Gettings
Tanvi Girotra
Deputy Chief Innovation Officer
Solomon Green
Dream Director
Connecticut (New Haven)
Micaela Gutierrez
Russell Harris
Chief Dream Director
Danielle Hughes
Dream Director
Eleanor Jewel
Chief Dream Director
Innovation / NYC
Toni Jones
Dream Director
Benjamin Kimmerle
Instructional Designer
Jessica Koehler
William Malcolm
Dream Director
Keyla Marte
Senior Associate
Alumni and School Research
Tunisia Morrison
Dream Director
Hassan Munford
Dream Director
Josephine Quaye
Dream Director
Paula Ramirez
Innovation Dream Director (DDI)
Carrie Sangiovanni
Innovation Dream Director (DDI)
Connecticut (Norwalk)
Christian Shaboo
Innovation Dream Director (DDI)
Connecticut (New Haven)
Sarah Tankoos
Program Management
Lamarr Womble
Innovation Dream Director (DDI)
Lance Woods
Dream Director
Justin Zeigler
Innovation Dream Director (DDI)
Connecticut (Naugatuck)
Courtney Adeleye
Founder & CEO, The Mane Choice
Leticia Alvidrez
Principal, Applied Technology Center High School, Los Angeles
Susan Asiyanbi
Chief Operating and Program Officer, Teach For America
Pamela Askew
Principal, Detroit International High School for Young Women
Greg Baldwin
Principal, New Haven Academy
Scott Barry Kaufman
Author of Ungifted, Intelligence Redefined; Co-Founder, The Creativity Post
Jackie Bezos
President and Co-Founder, Bezos Family Foundation
Sah Brown
Principal, Eastern Senior High School (DC)
Niko Canner
Founder, Incandescent
Deepak Chopra
Bestselling Author, Global Thought Leader
Tim Coleman
Partner and Global Chairman of Restructuring, PJT Partners
Bill Damon
Professor of Education, Stanford University; Editor-in-Chief, The Handbook of Child Psychology
Shawn Dove
CEO, Campaign for Black Male Achievement
Bill Drayton
Founder, Ashoka; "Godfather" of Social Entrepreneurship
Angela Duckworth
MacArthur Fellow; Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Pennsylvania
Carol Dweck
Author of Mindset; The New Psychology of Success; Professor of Psychology, Stanford University
Mariely Garcia
Future Project Alum 2013; Bowdoin College Graduate 2017
Angel Garcia
Principal, Western International High School, Detroit
Neil Gayette
Principal, The U School (Philadelphia)
Brooke Jackson
Principal, NYC Lab School
Alicia Keys
Musician, Philanthropist
Mescha Lammy
Principal, Fenger Academy High School, Chicago
Carolyn Laub
Founding Director, Gay-Straight Alliance Network
Nancy Logozzo
Principal, Hudson High School of Learning Technologies (NYC)
Greg Markwith
Principal, The Academy – San Francisco
Frank McCourt
Chairman and CEO, McCourt Global
Bill Milliken
Author of The Last Dropout; Stop the Epidemic!; Co-Founder and former President, Communities in Schools
Pedro Noguera
Distinguished Professor of Education at the Graduate School of Education and Information Studies at UCLA
Dan Pallotta
Author & Humanitarian Activist
Dan Pink
Best-selling Author of Drive, A Whole New Mind, and To Sell is Human
Sir Ken Robinson
Best-Selling Author, The Element: How Finding Your Passion Changes Everything; Global Thought Leader
Peter Salovey
President, Yale University; Pioneer in Emotional Intelligence
Mario Santos
Assistant Superintendent, Newark Public Schools
Shaka Senghor
Best-Selling Author, Writing My Wrongs; Executive Director, Anti-Recidivism Coalition, OWN Network Producer
Valerie Stadler
Executive Producer & Founding Partner, Big Swing Productions
Linda Stone
Writer, Thought Leader on Technology and the Human Spirit
Keith Yamashita
Founder & Chairman, SYPartners
Matt Brown
Principal, High School in the Community, New Haven

We’re proud to work
with incredible partners